THE NEST // 894 E 13TH AVE, EUGENE, OR 97401

About Us

We’re coming to you live from the Neighborhood Eugene Sustainability Team. we've launched a vintage store just seconds away from the University of Oregon’s campus located in Eugene, Oregon. we offer premium vintage apparel for our local campus community, duck fans and vintage enthusiasts alike. for Ducks by Ducks. Our mission is to build community through vintage clothing and we’re reminded of this everyday. 

We see clothing and fashion as a form of expression. choosing to shop sustainably means wearing our hearts on our sleeves, which is why we opened the N.E.S.T. earlier this year. each piece is hand-picked by us, researched by us, and remembered by us, so we can personally pass the history along to the next owner, with the goal of expanding our product's life span. 

Since our opening in January, 2021, the culture of our shop is continuously evolving, as we drop new gear each week, adding to our collections. sourcing vintage clothing from across Oregon is nothing new to us. before the N.E.S.T. we both established our own private entities. Stanley Thrifts and BounceBack Thrifts are independently run on the side from our home-base. the foundation of our brand was built from friendship born from a collaboration in 2018 when we first sold vintage apparel together during the university’s street fair. it was then, that we knew we wanted to open our own vintage shop, and so we did. 

In the long-run, we’ll continue keeping our prices to a college conscious budget, to accommodate our community’s needs. this spring, our Ambassador Program launched and we’re excited to expand our network to current students as a way to maintain our connection to campus.


Stop by, say hello or come grab a sticker. we’re always down to talk vintage. 

-Your friends from the N.E.S.T.

*Assisted by Reina Harwoo